The NFL Alumni Georgia Chapter is an IRS approved 501 c (3) public charity organization consisting of former professional athletes united in the purpose of positively impacting our local community while delivering informative public service by raising funds for worthy causes that are youth-oriented or aimed towards alumni assistance.

Chapter Address

550 Pharr Road, Suite 640
Atlanta Georgia 30305

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An exclusive feature on the Georgia Chapter’s website will feature an Alumni Member’s Story.


We will highlight your life foundations, influences, your football career and your post-football life. The segment is named “The Next Chapter.”  Our goal is to personify YOU – the NFL Alumni member through telling your story – focusing attention on your road to successfully reaching the NFL, the victories, defeats and life lessons learned and your life after the NFL.


If you are interested in participating in “The Next Chapter” please use the form below.  We will contact you ASAP.